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A rehearsal for "The Mold That Changed the World" musical. (Photo Charades Theater Company).
A touring musical celebrating the man who gave us penicillin is inviting local scientists to join the chorus for its Atlanta shows — and School of Biological Sciences Associate Professor Brian Hammer is ready for showtime.   
Integrating the study of human behavior with computational data-driven models. (Georgia Tech graphic)
One lesson learned from the Covid-19 pandemic is that human behavior is a difficult variable to consider when predicting and preventing disease outbreaks. This challenge is magnified even more considering how different scientific fields conduct, interpret, and present research.
Classroom Air Sensor
Georgia Tech researchers have identified that in-situ measurements of either carbon dioxide (CO2) or particulate matter (PM) by low-cost sensors can be used to perform such calculations in classrooms.
Tech Tower
Graduate students from each of the six College of Sciences schools have received 2022-2023 Herbert P. Haley Fellowships to expand their research — and connect with fellow scientists and mathematicians at conferences and events.  
The inaugural cohort for the Interdisciplinary Health and Environment Leadership Development (IHE-LeaD) Program at Georgia Tech. Info on the cohort's fellows is found at the IHE-LeaD website.
The Interdisciplinary Health and Environment Leadership Development (IHE-LeaD) Program announces its first cohort of graduate student fellows from the College of Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.  
From left to right: Karla Haack, Kelly Sepcic Pfeil, Christa Sobon, new members of the College of Sciences Advisory Board
Three new appointees — Karla Haack, Kelly Sepcic Pfeil, Christa Sobon — talk about what they learned while at Georgia Tech, and how they hope to advise the College on support for students and their former disciplines.
Members of Teresa Snow's Spring 2020 AAPH 1040: Scientific Foundations of Health class pose with birdhouses built for East Decatur Greenway. (Photos East Decatur Greenway).
Senior academic professional and wellness requirement co-director Teresa Snow talks about volunteering, a key aspect of her Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS) affiliated APPH 1040 course, Scientific Foundations of Health, which is available to all undergraduates.  


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Art and research exhibition showcasing photography, paintings, creative writing, and research papers, related to the theme: SDG 5, Gender Equality.
Honoring the namesake for Georgia Tech's newly renovated student center
How teaching arts and geometry empowers a holistic experience in the classroom that positively change how students observe and engage with the world around them.