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El-Sayed wins 2007 Medal of Science
August 28   Mostafa El-Sayed, Regents Professor in Georgia Tech's School of Chemistry & Biochemistry has been awarded the 2007 Medal of Science, the nation's highest honor in the field.  The award  honors individuals for pioneering scientific reserch ... that enhances understanding of the world and leads to innovations and technologies that give the US its global economic edge. He will receive the medal at a White House ceremony on September 29th. (full story... Mostafa El-Sayed)

Rome High kicks off seminar with Georgia Tech
Rome News Tribune - Sept. 11 Rome High is the first school in Georgia to participate in a new program that will give high school students a taste of college. “Rome High School is one of the best high schools in the state,” said interim Georgia Tech President Gary Schuster during a visit to the school today. “One thing that’s clear is that the students and teachers are really dedicated to learning.”  The Advanced Placement Calculus-Georgia Tech Seminar will send students to the Georgia Tech campus twice during the next year. (full story...)

Are hurricanes growing stronger?
Huffington Post  - Sept  9 The Atlantic hurricane season is heating up. Is it just another season or part of a worsening trend caused by global warming? A new study adds a twist to the scientific debate. Georgia Tech Professor Emeritus William Chameides, currently Dean of Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, discusses the new findings. ( full story... | watch  NASA video on  hurricane  dynamics | listen to a Time "Greencast"  with EAS Chair Judy Curry )

Study reveals how viruses collectively decide the fate of a bacterial cell
  A new study suggests that bacteria-infecting viruses  can make collective decisions about whether to kill host cells immediately after infection or enter a latent state to remain within the host cell. . . . ."What has confounded the virology community for quite some time is the observation that the cell fate of a bacteria infected by a single virus can be dramatically different than that infected by two viruses," said Joshua Weitz, an assistant professor in the School of Biology at the GEORGIA TECH. "Our study suggests that viruses can collectively decide whether or not to kill a host, and that individual viruses 'talk' to each other ..." (full story... )

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