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Robin ThomasThe four color problem gets a sharp new hue
Science News - Mar 8  In 1852, botanist Francis Guthrie noticed something peculiar as he was coloring a map of counties in England. Despite the counties’ meandering shapes and varied configurations, four colors were all he needed to shade the map so that any two bordering counties were different colors. Perhaps, he speculated, four colors were enough for any map...  In 2006, the problem finally yielded its secrets, and a team including   Robin Thomas of  Georgia  Tech  recently  published a proof.   (full story | Robin Thomas)


NanoGrowth 1000nGeorgia Tech pushes nanotech research with low-temp carbon nanotube tool
Electronic News -  Mar 4 Planning to push its nanotechnology research forward, Georgia Tech has ordered a nanomaterial growth tool, the NanoGrowth 1000n, from Surrey NanoSystems for the production of precision carbon nanotubes and related nanomaterials to be grown at 350ºC.   It is  the first commercial system for the new Marcus Nanotechnology Building on campus, finished in November 2008, and is located in a 30,000-sq-ft. clean room.  (full story )


Donna LlewellynScience group bids to boost physics teachers
NPR - All Things Considered - Mar 16  Last year, Georgia universities graduated a total of three physics teachers, highlighting a national trend.   The National Science Foundation has a plan to boost the ranks of physics teachers, in Georgia and in other states with programs like Tech to Teaching.  Georgia Tech's Donna Llewellyn is interviewed. Listen to the story at the following link: (audio clip | Donna Llewellyn )


Wendy Kelly groupResearchers indentify genes for thiostrepton, a powerful drug whose use is now limited
Genetic Engineering News   - Mar 23 Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have identified the genetic machinery responsible for synthesizing thiostrepton, a powerful antibiotic produced by certain bacteria. Though effective against the dangerous MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), it currently has only limited applications in humans because it is not water soluble.  . . . "We are interested in making derivatives of this peptide drug that retain their potency and are efficiently processed by biochemical machinery," said Wendy L. Kelly, an assistant professor in Georgia Tech's School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  (full story | Wendy Kelly)


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