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  • Meet College of Sciences Alumnus Phillip L. Williams, Professor and Founding Dean, College of Public Health, University of Georgia

    Ph.D. from Tech gave professor the confidence to dream big and succeed

    Phillip L. Williams combines Tech training and UGA resources to make a difference.

    From Atlanta to Athens: Phillip L. Williams earned a Ph.D. in biology from Georgia Tech, and relied on that training to help him establish the College of Public Health at the University of Georgia.

  • ‘Y’ a Protein Unicorn Might Matter in Glaucoma

    Unheard of: A Y-shaped part found in the middle of a mysterious protein studied in glaucoma.

    A protein shaped like a "Y" makes scientists do a double-take and may change the way they think about a protein sometimes implicated in glaucoma. The Y is a centerpiece in myocilin, binding four other components nicknamed propellers together like balloons on strings. The Y may also make them stick to things instead of floating freely as was previously believed for years.

  • Meet College of Sciences Alumna Lynn A. Capadona, Chief, Science and Space Technology Systems Branch, NASA John Glenn Research Center

    Earning a chemistry Ph.D. launched this alumna to success at NASA

    Dr. Lynn A. Capadona proved she had the right stuff for NASA, thanks to her Ph.D. in chemistry from Tech.

    Lynn A. Capadona's mission at NASA? Keep astronauts safe in their spacecraft as the space agency considers possible future journeys to Mars. The problem-solving skills she gained while earning a Ph.D. in chemistry at Tech helped Capadona take on more responsibilities at NASA. 

  • Meet College of Sciences Alumnus John F. Oswald, Owner and Operator, Oswald Vineyard

    Tech’s life lessons helped this chemist switch from molecules to merlot

    John F. Oswald is trading one kind of chemistry for another – the kind that can give you a crisp glass of chardonnay.

    He earned his B.S. and M.S. in chemistry from Georgia Tech, and landed a good job with a major international company. But his time on campus – and his strong faith – also taught John F. Oswald how to take the right risks. That's how he ended up as a farmer of a fast-growing vineyard that's supplying grapes to Texas wineries. 

  • Prasad Tetali Named Regents Professor

    Recognition for mathematics and computer science professor

    The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia confirmed the appointment in October.

    Prasad Tetali began his career at Georgia Tech in 1994. He has a joint appointment in the College of Sciences’ School of Mathematics and the College of Computing’s School of Computer Science.

  • Meet College of Sciences Alumna Sue E. Payne, Retired Oil Industry Executive

    Physics helped Payne find the formula for success in a male-dominated industry

    Sue Payne carved out a successful niche for herself in the "boys' club" of the oil and gas industry.

    Sue Payne has been blazing trails for women in science and technology since the 1970s, when she was studying for her B.S. in physics at Georgia Tech. She went on to enjoy a successful 37-year career in the male-dominated oil and gas industry. 

  • Scientists Make First Detection of Neutron Star Collision

    Gravitational waves and light arrive on Earth 130 million years after their creation

    Historic detection allows astrophysicists to observe the universe in new ways.

    For the first time, scientists have detected a gravitational wave produced by the collision of two neutron stars. The wave was born 130 million years ago when the stars spun around each other, creating warps in space and time. When the stars crashed together, they produced a burst of electromagnetic radiation.

  • Meet College of Sciences Alumnus Robert M. Price, Former CEO, Control Data Corporation

    Computing pioneer urges Tech students to know the difference between invention and innovation

    Georgia Tech alumnus Robert M. Price looks back on his time on campus and his career at Control Data Corporation.

    Robert M. Price's time at Georgia Tech helped pave his way as an executive for one of the first companies to make supercomputers in the 1960s, Control Data Corporation. Price recalls studying for his master's degree in mathematics at Tech while working at the Rich Electronic Computer Center. 

  • Georgia Tech Stars in Space Innovation Symposium

    Faculty, staff, alumni, students are organizers, featured speakers

    Alumni, faculty, staff and students play key roles in first annual meeting.

    The symposium recognizes that space innovations extend beyond the engineering, technology, and business of satellites and space launches. Joining Georgia Tech alumnus and NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough at the conference are Georgia Tech faculty and students not only from aerospace engineering, but also from astrobiology and planetary sciences.

  • Adding Multidisciplinary Might

    New researchers from engineering and science join Petit Institute team

    New researchers from engineering and science join Petit Institute team

    New researchers from engineering and science join Petit Institute team